API Support

Head over to our Juice Hackers community page on GitHub to get help with your API questions.

Go Live

Send us a link to your GitHub repository that contains your live widget source code so we can fork and review. Once we've confirmed there are no nasties will issue you with live access keys.


Here's a few Juice Hacker FAQs to help get you started.


The Juice Hackers are an Electric Kiwi developer community. The cool part of becoming a Juice Hacker is that you get to tinker and show off your coding skills and win awesome prizes. Register here to be part of the fun.

No. You can become a Juice Hacker even if you’re not an Electric Kiwi customer. You can go ahead and develop against the developer API sandbox using customer test accounts. To use your live widget and gain the benefits you’ll need your own customer login, so go on and join Electric Kiwi here.

The best way to get help with the Electric Kiwi API is to read the documentation here. If you’re still stuck head over to the Juice Hacker GitHub community page to see if other Juice Hackers can help.